Viktor Kudryashov is an interdisciplinary artist working at the junction of mediums to create composite works that include neural network, sound sculptures, data-driven installations, AR/VR experiences and institutionally critical interventions. He finds inspiration in frequency waves and hidden connections between people and digital objects.

Victor's main technique is deriving a language from everyday familiar objects and actions and making it the main medium in his works, redefining their functionality and rethinking new media and their use in the modern world.

The artist is always finding new approaches for digitizing physical elements and analogizing digitals. His works is a blade runner between conceptual art of the 60's and new media technology.

He presented his works in various festivals, museums and galleries in Germany, Belgium, Estonia and Russia. His artworks are on display in both private collections and museums. MA at the Estonian Academy of Art. Shortlisted for the Kuryokhin Art Prize in 2021 as the best media art.